james brown
james brown

Outlandish crossdresser, James Brown has bragged that without him, Nigeria will be so dull because of the excitement he brings to people.

During a discussion with some media personalities on ‘Frankly Speaking’ show on podcast, James Brown claimed she gives ultimate entertainment

He blasted Nigerians for supposedly struggling to accept individuals who are transgender as full members of society despite their claims that they want things to change.

One of the co-anchors, nevertheless, defended what he did, saying that some might find it strange and not be ready to accept his way of life.

However, James Brown argued that Nigeria was a primitive nation and that anybody who harbored prejudice against LGBT people outside would be deported.

Watch the video below;

James Brown has been publicly praised for all of his accomplishments.

Recall that James Brown recently claimed to have established his business and purchased a Range Rover. Despite their many differences, Bobrisky praised James Brown’s accomplishments during an Instagram live.

He expressed his happiness for James Brown, who he claimed was doing so well.

”I love the fact that he is improving. He is doing so good. I am so happy for him. You guys, send him this video that I am happy for James Brown.” he said