Why ghosting is clear communication, and frequently the right move

It’s okay to ghost people.

One common part of relationships and friendships these days is ghosting. Ghosting is a modern way to describe being ignored. Acts of ghosting include not picking up calls, reading messages and not replying or responding coolly.

Some people ghost by blocking phone numbers or social media accounts. The term ghosting is apt because the person soon becomes a ghost in your life.

While many articles have been written against ghosting, it is sometimes necessary to ghost and even more necessary to accept being ghosted.

Sometimes, there are simply no words

Oftentimes, we tend to over-communicate. We have the same conversations and arguments over and over again, no one listens to the other person and nobody changes. Instead of going through this rigorous and toxic cycle, just ghost.

Ghosting is clear communication

Most people who are against ghosting are always talking about how it traumatizes them, the fact is it is not the ghosting that hurts but the rejection. Feeling bad about being ghosted is often an attempt to get them to tell us what we did wrong or said – hmm that sounds like closure and we all know closure is a scam. Why don’t you simply accept that they don’t want you anymore?

You might invalidate their feelings

So, imagine they tell you what you did to you or how they feel and you invalidate their feelings by defending yourself, giving them reasons why they should not think that way or even begging them to stay with you, they would rather just go away gently without drama.

Yes, ghosting hurts and can leave many unsaid questions in your mind but take their actions for what it is, a rejection and move on. You don’t need to know why, just know they don’t want you.

Also, if you don’t want to be manipulated and gaslighted to stay in a relationship you are tired of, by all means, ghost them for your peace of mind.

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