A Nigerian lady identified as Lohyce has taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter to give a reason she stopped talking to a man after he took her out on a date.

According to Lohyce, the gentleman took her on a date and when it was time to order something to eat, he bought ‘one meat-pie’ for her and one bottle of Eva water.

'Took me out on a date and ordered just one Meat-pie for me' - Nigerian Lady gives reason she stopped talking to a man.

Her tweet reads –

Took me out on a date to Chicken republic and ordered just one meatpie for me

In another post, she added ;

He asked me what I wanted, I said same thing you’re having, he went and got himself rice and chicken, but got me 1 meat pie, do you see how somehow it is?

I vexed and asked him to take me home o, I went to show my mummy

She also revealed that he is a man in his late 20’s with a good job.