Nollywood Movie: My Daughter’s Love (2022) (Part 3 & 4)

The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies but from your loved and most trusted ones. Sometimes, it is better to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks they are fooling you. Watch Mike Godson and Rachael Okonkwo in this blockbuster movie.

My Daughters Love (2022)

STARRING: Mike Godson, Racheal Okonkwo, Emeka Maicon, Oluchi Chiana, Marvelous Ekuma, Crystabel Okoye

PRODUCED BY: Hycinth Onwuka

DIRECTED BY: Chikelue Okonkwo Chyko/Austin Nweke Austid

COMPANY: Okija Amaka Pictures.

YEAR: 2022


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