Megan Thee Stallion Didn’t Deny That She Slept With Dababy, Check The Video

After the bombastic news that DaBaby revealed in his new song, it stirred up the netizens, they didn’t expect any of this, This time, he reveals his private relationships in public, saying that he had sl*pt several times with singer Megan Thee Stallion before the incident she had with Tory Lanez,

The track “Boogeyman” became controversial after these revelations as it is one of the most viewed tracks from his album “Baby 2 Baby”;

However, at the festival Megan Thee was having, she admitted that the affair she had with DaBaby was true, the way she stated things is like everything is fine; she said

“Yes, look. I don’t know about you, but I love my body. I do what I want with my body, when I want with my body, with who I want with my body. “My body…oh okay. If you love your body, let me hear you make some noise.”

Check It The Video below: 

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