Man heartbroken after unboxing new phone which he bought at Computer village (Video)

A heartbroken man has shared a video after unwrapping his new phone which he got at computer village.

After unboxing the supposed smartphone, he was met with the sight of trash, neatly wrapped in the pack.

Several netizens blamed him for not opening the phone to test its components immediately after getting it at the store and in the presence of the vendor.

One tzwhyte-official said;

“Me I can’t pay for phone without opening it in that shop and testing the phone components first before i place the phone inside my front pocket and then put the carton inside leather bag and vamooz”.

Another irenesawyer said,

“Why would you buy a phone that wasn’t opened, tested in front of you? Why why why though??????? Why🤣🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔”.

Watch video below:

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