Kimberly Kardashian, a popular American model and brand influencer, has recently delighted fans by changing her appearance in new photos.

the photos, Kim Kardashian was seen with blonde hair and eye brows, which made her look totally different from her old look. The photos have gotten over seven hundred thousand reactions in just a few hours of publication. 

However, the model failed to accompany the photos with a write-up but was able to describe them with three heart-like emojis with the colour of the American flag. Many people who saw this showered her with lots of praise as they flooded the comment section of her post with complimentary messages while others gave their thoughts and opinions on what they saw. 

A fan, while reacting to the post, revealed that Kimberly Kardashian was looking beautiful in these new photos as she complimented her. In her words, “You’re so gorgeous, babygirl.”

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