In what we chanced upon as an anonymous post from a Ghanaian woman, claims she is finally set to offer her virginity to her suitor is already stirring up trouble online.

The anonymous woman implied that she has somewhat led a solitary lifestyle throughout her life in a post that attracted a range of reactions.

She made it clear that she had never attended any crazy parties or other social gatherings, consumed alcohol, or smoked cigarettes. In the end, she claimed that she had never been kissed, romanced indicating that she is still a virgin.

She is now open to changing her life to enjoy new experiences which includes lovemaking but unfortunately it comes at a cost.

She claimed that in exchange for $5,000, she would give up her virginity and guarantee that the suitor would have her for an entire month.

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i am selling my virginity for ₵5000 – curvy lady in her 3rd year searches for a man