The Priest of State for Instruction, Goodluck Nanah Opiah has hammered the Scholastic Staff Association College over the waiting stalemate between the association and the Central Government.

Opiah, while communicating alarm over the more than the 200 days old strike left upon by ASUU since February fourteenth, 2022, said the National Government has given a valiant effort to determine the issues raised by ASUU yet they have been resolved to cancel the strike.

The pastor who talked when he visited Government College Lokoja, Kogi State said the ‘no work no compensation’ strategy stands.

He said, “The National Government can’t pay teachers for what they didn’t work for. The strike has kept on depicting the country in a terrible light and has prevailed with regards to causing more agonies for guardians and understudies.”

He said that the national government has accomplished such a great deal on infrastructural improvement in all higher foundations the nation over.

He charged the Bad habit chancellor of FUL Prof. Olayemi Akinwumi to interest teachers to return to work adding that, there delayed stay at home has caused more damage than great to the fate of Nigerian Understudies.

He said, “The Central Government drove by President Muhammadu Buhari has accomplished such a great deal particularly in infrastructural improvement in our tertiary establishment. Since, anyplace you go, you will see the presence of TETFUND, structures, vehicles and all habits of institutional resources.

“The people who imagine that absence of foundation is one reason they protested ought to reconsider. Mr Bad habit Chancellor, let me utilize this chance to speak to you, to likewise engage our teachers to return to work in light of the fact that our kids are languishing.

“Our nation’s picture is going lower. Our folks are upset, and these teachers are likewise guardians to a portion of our understudies. In opposition to their thought process, a few of us likewise have our Kids in Nigeria Colleges and they are additionally languishing.

“In spite of the fact that, assuming we stay protesting everlastingly, it implies our Youngsters will be out of School until the end of time. It isn’t to our greatest advantage. There isn’t anything that has turned out badly that we can’t get remedied through discourse. That’s what I know, nearly all that ASUU delivered for conversation between the National Government has been settled.

“Then again, actually, now that ASUU need to be paid for all the half year that they were missing from obligation. What’s more, the National Government is saying no we can’t pay for those days you didn’t work. For the first time ever, let us initiate the standard of no work no compensation which is regular. Just a cheat goes to eat where he didn’t work.

“Thus in the event that there ought to be any interest for Central Government to do any other way, Speakers ought to return to the homeroom to ask and pursue and rework on the grounds that this thing is presently not entertaining”.