Entertainer Helen Duru has blamed EFCC agents for going after her in her condo in Enugu state.

The entertainer who shared a video of her shrouded in blood and with a cracked skull, claimed that the security agents had a go at accessing her loft late around evening time, said she was never an individual of interest and the people who went after her never presented themselves.

She likewise blamed the agents for alternating to beat her. She said they talked in Hausa and purportedly recited “yamiri” over and again while going after her.

The entertainer composed;

Ccs division Enugu Zonal order of the monetary and monetary wrongdoing commission (EFCC) did this to me . precisely 02:53 I heard clamor in my compound , then, at that point, I tenderly emerged at my overhang to peep what it was , I saw a few men yet couldn’t distinguish them as it was as yet dull. At the point when they saw me, they requested that I descend and open the flight of stairs entryway which I overlooked and stowed away. They had streak lights . They continued to demand I open the flight of stairs entryway . I later went inside my home.

Few moments on ,I heard a kid shouting and sobbing for help. Then, at that point, my neighbor called me to alarm me. I told her I was alert , We both emerged from our overhangs ( She lives on the primary floor) they men began yelling at us that we ought to go in or open the flight of stairs entryway. The following thing we heard they began harming the flight of stairs entryway and acquired acces . I went inside my room and locked the entryway. Two men moved to my level, harmed my two entryways, obtained entrance into my home and began beating me. I got a slap first that made me yelled Jesus Christ . They communicated in Hausa language however all I could hear was “yamiri” the beating became serious as they beat me reciprocally , utilizing a pole/stick ( don’t precisely have any idea what that was ) all around my body . One picked my usb telephone line and plunged on me.

They continued to speak In Hausa as the beat me. I could feel the fury in them as I continued to shout Jesus . I dreaded for my life Then I ran into the restroom and close the entryway. They attempt to push it down yet the entry was excessively thin for the two of them. They left my room.
I thought they came voluntarily , when I saw they left my room

I attempted to come down to illuminate whoever is their predominant what had occurred, another saw me, without saying a word he took his instrument and over and over hit my head shouting “get out ,go up ” I attempted to make sense of why I had descended however he ensured he over and again hit my head until I felt liquid dribbling all over . I cleaned my face and saw it was blood. ( go on from the photos )
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