Eating Healthy: Why Eating Grapes Would Increase Lifespan

Doctor John Pezzuto and his Western New England University team have published research that demonstrates the amazing effects of grape consumption as well as its longevity effects on lifespans.

The journal Foods published one paper and it showed that adding grapes to a high-fat diet, which is generally eaten, in an equivalent amount to slightly under two cups per day, resulted in a decrease in fatty liver and an increase in lifespan.

According to Pezzuto and his team, these investigations give the proverb affirmation to what is said about being what you eat, elevating the phrase with a new meaning. He claimed that the research with grapes demonstrated real alterations in genetic expression. He has produced approximately 600 scholarly articles.

Eating Healthy: Why Eating Grapes Would Increase Lifespan

Grapes boosted overall antioxidant genes and postponed natural death in conjunction with a high-fat diet. Pezzuto recognised that extrapolating a mouse’s lifespan to a human being’s is not an exact science. The shift seen in the study, according to his best guess, would add an additional 4-5 years to a person’s lifespan, he said.

In the journal Antioxidants, Dr. Pezzuto and his group of researchers published yet another study. It stated that eating grapes improved behaviour and cognition, which were negatively impacted by a high-fat diet and altered gene expression in the brain.

In a third study, a group under the direction of Dr. Jeffrey Idle showed that grapes alter not only the expression of genes but also the metabolism.



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