Beauty entrepreneur and the “Real Housewives Of Lagos” star, Chioma Ikokwu aka Chioma Good Hair had a chat with Chude Jideonwo on friendship with fellow RHOL cast, Caroline Danjuma, Iyabo Ojo, and her squabble with Toyin Lawani.

On Friendship:

Part of friendship is being able to point out when somebody is going on the wrong part or doing the wrong thing. And I felt in that instant, you guys didn’t see it because like I said, it wasn’t actually filmed. It’s not like they filmed it and chose not to add it. The fight with Iyabo was not filmed.

It came from nowhere, maybe whatever personal reasons but it just came from nowhere. It was from there you created this big issue with somebody that was so close to you and Iyabo was really close to Caroline, maybe not so much on camera but they were actually really close.

So Iyabo was always looking out for her and giving her advice like her elder sister/ motherly figure and it’s like this person has just been there for you when she didn’t have to. Everybody makes mistakes, you’ve made a mistake fix it, is that so much to ask, it was just the attitude that followed, ‘I’m not saying sorry, I’m not saying sorry, okay, fine sorry’.

On her squabble Toyin Lawani:

At no point did I ever insult Toyin’s business, ever. If anything, I said you’re creative, you’ve very talented, so many times throughout the season I’d be like you’re even too good for Nigeria, Nigeria doesn’t deserve you. I’ll hail her, I’ll encourage her, anybody can bear witness to that. There was never a time I’ll ever insult her business.