Checkout The Top 5 Famous Big Brother Naija Level-Up Housemates (WATCH)

Have you ever wondered who the most popular housemates of the big brother naija level-up season were?

Well, many of the housemates have been trending of recent, also growing in fame and wealth.

Particularly the like of Phyna, Beauty, Bella, Doyin, Modella, Groovy and also Sheggz who celebrated his birthday recently has been on

the radar.

Well, in this article the top 5 trending BBNaija level up housemates are ranked. Read:

Phyna: Phynation who deyyyyy! This has been the most popular chant of the month as she (Phyna) didn’t just bag deals, she made a watering amount of money this week. Tvery day there is always a news about Phyna making rounds online well, as some tan said “patience and preparation brings success,” this has been Phyna’s story this month and everybody loves successful people.


BBNaija level up housemate, Beauty has been making rounds on Twitter as she has been hagging multiple deals with several companies. Apart from business deals and congratulations, something spiced Beauty’s presence this week, as a video of BBNaija ‘shine ya eyes’ housemate, Cross Kissing her at a show surfaced.

Bryann: Although he is not the social media-

active type, he’s still on the radar of trending housemates, as he was the 2nd runner up from the reality show. Well, he rose up to prominence when he was spotted recording a musical work with some members of the popular empire team.


Chomzy was also spotted on this week trend, although it wasn’t because of anything spectacular. She started trending this week as fans criticized her for posting only images with no endorsement deals to show for it.

Bella and Sheggz:

The two lovers trended and are still trending after they publicly expressed their love for each other in Sheggz 27th birthday party while Bella bagged an endorsement deal with a skincare brand.

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