We asked five young single women what they would do if they found out that they were suddenly pregnant.

The gist

With cryptic pregnancy in vogue and nights of reckless passion common, what would you do if you found out you were pregnant? It wasn’t a scare, you are actually pregnant.  some women were asked how they would navigate the news of their pregnancy.


“Even though I would be shocked if it happens, I will keep the baby. My father already told me that in my culture, if I perform an abortion, I’ll die. I’d rather not die so, I will keep the baby.”


“Right now, I’m ready for a baby, if my man is not ready for a baby and I am, I will keep it even if he doesn’t want it. If I wasn’t mentally prepared for a baby, I could consider abortion or giving the baby out.”


“I never want to be pregnant even if I’m married so if I get pregnant right now, I’m aborting it immediately. I just can’t imagine myself going through the rigours of pregnancy, all the body changes, taking care of a baby…eww.”


“I love children, but with the current economic situation, I’m not sure I’ll keep them. I saw a woman on a bus with her crying baby, and it broke me. I want my kids to have a better life than I did, and I’m not ready financially.

Even though I have spiritual obligations, except God tells me to keep it, I won’t keep the baby.”


“I think it depends on with whom I get pregnant. There are some men I can never think of having a child with- like a one-night stand. If it means hitting myself on the floor to get rid of the pregnancy, then I will.”

Even though abortions are illegal in Nigeria- it’s a crime – women are undeterred in performing them, despite religious and cultural restraints.